UNDERVERSE (UV) is a design driven multi-media entertainment company founded in 2019. Under the direction of Ashley Wood, UV is not just a brand focusing on the world of collectibles, it will also branch into the realms of animation, video-games, publishing, and couture fashion.

With an emphasis on strong visuals and dynamic design, UV are devoted to applying their aesthetics to original lines and beloved pop culture brands through various forms of entertainment across the globe, to bring ground breaking products to the world.


Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood is an internationally acclaimed Australian artist and all-around creative force of nature with works across multiple mediums including comic books, video games, toys, animation, film, and fashion.His distinct design aesthetics have become highly influential and inspiring to many established and up-and-coming artists over the world. His early work Sam & Twitch for Todd McFarlan’s Spawn amazed the western comic world. For over thirty years, he applies his ever adapting and evolving “vision driven” to all projects, left his indelible mark on the world's most iconic properties in comic, design, film, television, and music.


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